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Benefits of ‘Smart’ Metering over Manual Metering

The world is moving away from the standard manual metering system to a new system for the new age. ‘Smart’ metering is increasingly becoming the norm for many power generating and engineering companies. You may be wondering what the difference is between the two metering systems. Manual metering is what happens when power consumers read their metres, and present the readings to the company for calculations and billing. Alternatively, the power supplier can send field staff to one’s premises to take the current reading and calculate consumption from the previous reading.

The new smart metering system is a complete departure. It entails a digital metre that sends power consumption information to the service provider via a secure Internet Vikings AB review communication network. With a smart metre, you do not have to physically visit your power supplier for billing. In this section, you can read about the advantages of this new system and why you might consider installing it in your home or office.


The biggest flaw of the manual system is the tendency on the part of suppliers to bill you based on estimates guided by your historical consumption. The consequence of such estimations is that they may underestimate or exaggerate your consumption, thereby leading to inconsistent bills. With smart metering, by contrast, billing is based on actual readings that you can monitor in real time.

Easy to Track

Smart metering allows power consumers to easily track their consumption. Consumers can identify which functions are consuming more power, and thus devise power-saving strategies. The smart metre also stores information on past consumption levels, so households can make comparisons.


With smart metering, you are able to correctly predict the amount of money you will pay for consumption depending on usage. You do not have to wait for the supplier’s calculations. This allows you to better plan your activities, thereby saving both power and money.